Scuba Diving Blue Hole – Santa Rosa, NM


Scuba Diving Blue Hole fresh water cavern in Santa Rosa, NM. 29 Aug 2011 source ...Read More Read More »

Andaman Scuba Diving


Get into the adventure of Scuba Diving In Andaman! Feel The Rush ​o​f Adrenaline In Andaman And Nicobar Islands If you are one of those people who love to feel the adrenaline rush through ...Read More Read More »

Cancun Scuba Diving holidays – Divers- Museum of Underwater Art -(MUSA)


Scuba Diving – Divers at the MUSA in Cancun Mexico. We stayed at Moon palace through Costco Travel. Everything went beautifully. Moon palace is an all inclusive resort vacation. The weather there, in Cancun ...Read More Read More »

Galapagos scuba diving safari


An abundance underwater life has astonished even experienced divers. We spent one week on our liveaboard ship sailing between the Galapagos islands and DIVING. We were fortune by seeing uncountable number of sharks, turtles, ...Read More Read More »

GoPro Caribbean Scuba Diving with Broadreach


In the summer of 2014 12 teens and 3 leaders set sail around the Leeward Islands on the Broadreach Caribbean Marine Biology Voyage. We learned a lot, dove a lot, and made friendships that ...Read More Read More »

Reach Out Volunteers – Scuba Dive – Environmental Conservation Cambodia – Volunteer and scuba dive


For more information visit: Live on a tropical island just as the villagers do. Surrounded by white sand, palm trees and sunshine you will love the islander lifestyle. Illegal fishing trawlers and the use ...Read More Read More »

Sunken Ship Scuba Dive GoPro Hero 3 Can Cun


Sunken Ship source ...Read More Read More »

DUNBAR VILLA: scuba diving & snorkeling vacations — Guanaja, Honduras.


Enjoy a $10 million mansion & world-class reefs at rates more affordable than Cozumel. Call our tropical vacation team at U.S. Dive Travel: 952-953-4124. Web: Dunbar Villa comfortably serves 4-16 ...Read More Read More »

Scuba Diving at Ginnie Springs


This is our experience from diving at Ginnie Springs! source ...Read More Read More »

Scuba Diving Skills – Reel and Guideline Use


One of the most important scuba diving skills to refine, particularly for those who want to transition into technical diving in wrecks and caves, is reel and guideline use. This video explains and demonstrates some ...Read More Read More »